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Working together for a sustainable future

Introduction to AWS

AWS has various disciplines in its business portfolio which work together to further broaden and expand its Testing and Inspection activities. This enables customers to safeguard the quality of their water, the work environment and their properties in order to realize a sustainable and safe environment.

As a leading specialist in the field of inspection and testing of environment related activities, we help you with the expertise, expertise and quality of our services. We contribute to a safe and sustainable working environment for our customers.

Ambitious, Worthwile and Solid are our core values.


AWS - Our customers

Our customers are located in a wide range of sectors ranging from government to manufacturers, from leisure harbours  to shipping companies. The connecting element is that all companies have to deal with the regulations concerning hazardous or environmentally harmful substances.

AWS works hard to find a suitable solution that is made possible by inspecting, sampling and testing various situations, products and materials.


Customer groups we work with are:

Water boards / RWS

Industry & Maritime

Property management

Healthcare institutions

Sports & Recreation

Hotel & Wellness