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AWS is a strongly growing company with services in the Testing and Inspection market. Our departments are profiling themselves with their independent services in the field of water, waste and hazardous materials in the indoor and outdoor environment.
We service a large number of municipalities, government authorities, water boards, (production) companies, fleet owners, fleet management companies, hospitals, care institutions, swimming pools, hotels, campsites, water sports clubs and saunas.
From research to advice and management
Because of our broad and high-quality service we can help companies through the total package of services in various sub-areas such as (waste) water management, water quality, inspections and installations where water, food hygiene and air quality play an important role in the broadest sense.
The various distinct steps in our service are research, sampling, measurements, laboratory testing, data processing and reporting of the findings. In addition, i-services, installations & management and training are important supporting activities.
Flexible and personal
We find personal attention very important, together with an agile and service oriented mindset.
AWS has various disciplines in its corporate portfolio which work together to further broaden and expand its TIC activities. This enables our customers to safeguard the quality and safety of their waters, the working environment and their properties in order to realize a sustainable and safe environment.
We offer high-quality research, inspection and laboratory services in the field of water management and environmental safety in the Netherlands and beyond. We contribute to a safe and sustainable living and working environment for our customers.
Core values
In our work a number of values are ​​of great importance. We as colleagues work well together and make each other better, we ensure that we serve our clients and partners well and we ensure that we are respected as an independent service provider.
Quality thinking is in our genes, fewer process steps means fewer potential errors; That is why we focus strongly on the automation and traceability of our work process and related activities.
We find difficult tasks not a problem but rather a challenge where we find an adequate and pragmatic solution together with the client.
Speed ​​of action is crucial, we think, whether it is a precarious situation that requires quick action or a standard routine approach. We keep turnaround times as short as technically possible.
We pay a lot of attention to finding creative and effective solutions. The technical progress of many things helps in doing so.
Our IT platform is constantly undergoing improvements and we see i-Services as an important innovative tool to help the customer with all data that is important for their business.