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AWS Maritime Testing Services

Our maritime department is, among other things, engaged in research into the different types of water on board of ships like drinking water, ballast water and scrubber water.

We can also help you with the testing requirements for the Inventory Hazardous Materials surveys described in the IMO guideline (IMO MEPC.269 (68)).

The VGP 2013 (Vessel General Permit, from US-EPA) describes, among other things, the criteria for discharges of ballast water and scrubber water on surface water for ships sailing in US waters. In addition, there are US Coast Guard (USCG), International Maritime Organization (IMO) and EU regulations. All in all, a complex landscape of regulations where shipping is increasingly being dealt with and where enforcement is also becoming more stringent.

To be compliant with the aforementioned regulations Ballastwater and Scrubberwater must be regularly examined for a range of parameters. This research takes place at laboratories that have to be accredited according to NEN-EN-ISO 17025. AWS Maritime Testing Services offers you this service.

AWS holds a NEN-EN-ISO17025 accreditation and works with partner laboratories which also have this accreditation.

Maritime Scrubber measurements

Monitoring of the Scrubber wash water quality includes sampling & measurements of the pH, polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), Nitrate/Nitrite and heavy Metals.