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IHM Introduction 

A safe and healthy environment is essential for a productive, compliant maritime operation. Onboard health and safety is coming under increased scrutiny from national, European and global laws and regulations. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is placing increasing demands on maritime operators to give attention to the Inventory of Hazardous  Materials (IHM) and related health and safety considerations. 

IHM Purpose

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has established international guidelines to make recycling of ships and its waste materials unambiguous and safe. The instrument for this is the Inventory of Hazardous materials (IHM). An IHM concerns an investigation into dangerous substances in and on a ship. The aim is to achieve safe handling of hazardous substances from the construction, during its use and demolition of the ship.
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IHM Testing

During an inventory of hazardous materials, numerous samples are being taken by an IHM-expert. Below you will find an overview of the hazardous materials to be tested and their corresponding threshold values.
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